Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's on tap for Give 'Em Hell Goldy?

Thanks to a spring and summer filled with a hectic work travel schedule, playoff Bucks basketball, MLB road trippin', and slow-pitch softball - this blog all but died over the warmer months.  But so what?  We didn't have that many readers anyways.

But what'd we miss?  All kinds of stuff.  The Gopher Baseball team won the Big Team Championship (outstanding),  Kyle Theret and Gary Tinsley got themselves suspended, Nebraska joined the Big Ten, and Royce White bolted for Iowa State, among other things.  

But with Gopher football on the horizon and hoops not far behind, there is now motivation to get back into the swing of posting more regularly.  So what's on tap here?  Again, all kinds of stuff.

We'll be putting together a set of Big Ten Football predictions, a quick look at some of the new faces we'll see on the gridiron this Fall, resuming the weekly Game Preview and 'What we learned' cycle, and more entries to 'Gopher Profiles in Courage'.  Gopher Bandanna Guy will be attending plenty of football games again this year, so expect more original photos and perhaps even some video footage.    

 So check in regularly, as we'll be attempting to pour on the content.

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